Welcome to QWERKeys. Please be aware that the old store is no longer accepting orders, but will remain open until all orders have been completed.

Started in August 2012, QWERKeys is a collaboration of a number of British businesses to meet the growing demand for Cherry MX based mechanical keyboard customisation for gaming and keyboard enthusiasts.

All of our keycap products are made in the UK and are of a high quality. Proud to be British, QWERKeys constantly seek to innovate and develop new products for this thriving global market. We hope our keycaps will be collectible items and one day we hope to have our own brand of mechanical keyboard.

We have also done work for the broadcast, defense and financial industries and can source full custom keyboard solutions your business so if you have a specific requirement please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Please be aware the site is currently undergoing many changes to ultimately deliver a better experience for our customers. Please bear with us during this period, and if you have any feedback, please use the contact form on the contact page.

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Want to win one of our exclusive QWERkeys that gives you discount on all of your orders, free prize draw entries and queue jump for new products? Then send us an image that you have taken of your keyboard or key caps and the best one of the week wins a QWERkey! All you need to do is attach your photo to our contact page and choose “photo of the week”.

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