There are two main types of key cap profiles: Cherry, which is typically found on all mechanical keyboards made by them, and OEM, which you’ll find on most mainstream mechanical keyboards. There is relatively little difference in the profile, however the Cherry profile is slightly smaller:

The white key cap is the Cherry profile, which is not as tall as the OEM (black), but has a steeper angle.

The rows on keyboards each have a slightly different profile, although they will still adhere to either Cherry or OEM. These rows are typically labelled 4 – 1 (top to bottom), athough it varies depending on the key cap retailer. At QWERkeys we use the following layout:

We have a range of 3 different profiles of keycap:

J series

A copy of the standard Cherry profile keycap from Row 1 – 4 (as above)

K Series

All K series have the same profile, tall ‘spherical’ profile.

B SeriesB Series

Two-tone Double Shot keycap profile unique to QWERkeys